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A Helping Hand for Healing Souls

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Survivor's Contributions

This poem was Written by Michael C. Valiant for The 1st Annual Motgomery County Rally and Speakout on Abuse

"Silence Broken"

If the eyes are considered the windows to the soul
Why did I once believe
That whenever I cried
My tears would be daggers of glass shattered deep
Cutting myself in my youth*
Blinding my eyes from the truth
Until I heard that I was not alone
And there were many kindred spirits
Who had just one struggle more to be free**

If the mind's eye be considered the sixth sense
Why did I envision
Some glimmer of hope
Even when my senses were numb from fear and pain
Searching for myself deep within my soul
With courage, taking on a survivor's role
Then I knew that I was not alone
And there were many kindred spirits
Who were coming out of the shadows

From cursed to blessed and darkness to dawn
Never again being someone else's pawn

Not holding onto all this pain and self-pity or blame
No longer being prey in someone else's mind game

With all that is said and done.
Through the barricades we have won***

Your words, my words, our words
Together will be heard but only when spoken
And forever the silence will be broken

Poetry References:

*Cutting oneself may mean physically with sharp objects while for others being emotionally. For the poet, it was emotionally cutting oneself down with low self-esteem issues/depression.

**"One struggle more and I am Free" poem by Lord Byron
which inspired the poet to write this poem.

***"Through the Barricades" by Spandau Ballet
which inspired the poet to write this poem.

Check out the Byron's poetry and Spandau Ballet's lyrics.


You can contact: Michael c Valiant

Freelance Writer and Artist Revolutionary


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Recent Events: October was National Domestic Violence Month.
AHHHS Sponsored The 2nd Annual Montgomery County Rally and Speakout on Abuse:   Candy Cane Park in Conroe, Texas
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