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A Helping Hand for Healing Souls

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November Newsletter
Victoria Kelly w/ Mrs. Outstanding Woman of Texas
Brandie Seifert is the newly crowned Mrs. Texas Outstanding Woman
Brandie Seifert is the newly crowned Mrs. Texas Outstanding Woman 2007-8.  Brandie will compete in the OWALIVE pageant next May for the National Title of Outstanding Woman in America.

The Outstanding Woman in America is the Prestigious National Honor
Society Competition for Women of Achievements.  Mrs. Texas is passionate about childs rights and advocacy.  Her platform is helping children who have suffered from any type of abuse.  As an over comer in her own life she is determined to have her voice heard in the fight against child abuse.

Brandie is a Makeup Artist and enjoys teaching women how to enhance their beauty.  She also works with brides, models, fashion shows, special events and televison.
Brandie was the Honored Guest at the 2nd Annual Rally and Speakout on Abuse.  She is a wonderful young woman who openly shared her own story of abuse.  Thanks Brandie! You touched so many people with your testimony and gave inspiration for the future!  You are a delightful caring person and I know we will cross paths in the near future!  I am looking forward to working with you!
GOOD LUCK! on the OWALIVE pageant next May!  You got my vote!
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