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A Helping Hand for Healing Souls

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About Us
Connecting on a personal level is an important part of sharing ideas. 

This is me!  Victoria Kelly

Here we might include a list of names of some of the people who run our organization. We might also include a picture and brief description of their background and interests. For example:

Victoria Kelly is the Founder of AHHHS
Lindsey W. helped start the group in Minneapolis, MN 15 years ago.
Jenni Morheim was my partner has passed on and was a big reason that I continued in this work...

Here I am!

I hope to meet many new people within the next 6 months before the April Rally & Speakout.

Our Programs

If we offer programs or services, we'll include a list of them here.

We are located in Conroe, Texas

I will be starting an Artists Way Group!
I will also be starting a Female Survivors of Abuse Group too!

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